Saturday, September 03, 2005


This content post will be a long time coming I'm sure, and I suspect it will be slightly lacking too. Mainly because it means having to go into the nature of the state (something I'm not as well up on as I should be); one element that I think will be interesting is the interface between form and content. But to keep y'all with something to do, here is a quote I like:
Marx views human beings as both determining and determining. As objects people are shaped by historical process, much of it beyond their control. They are born into particular societies, with particular economic arrangements, political institutions, languages, modes of rearing children, ideologies and so forth. But at the same time they are not wholly objects. They can imagine what does not exis, conceive projects, and intervene in the world in order to realise those projects; in short they can create history as well as be created by it. It is this potential for creating history that makes human change possible.
David Greenberg, Crime and Capitalism: Readings in Marxist Criminology, page 739
Hopefully this also gives you an insight into the way my Marxism works. I really dislike unidirectional causation, and I think it's inadequate to describe reality. I much prefer this type of reciprocal reasoning, where cause becomes effect and vice-versa. Such a (dare I say it lest Rosa be angered) dialectical vision is in my opinion the antidote to the occasional mechanism exhibited by some "Marxists", I promise a proper post will be forthcoming.

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