Friday, August 29, 2008

An idea

Although I'm probably talking to myself, I thought I'd throw this out here. Last night I was reading through Larry Solum's Legal Theory Lexicon and it struck me that there isn't really anything comparable for left/critical legal theory. I think there's an interesting project to be found in giving basic exopsitions of a bunch of different schools/phenomena/disciplines from a critical/left theoretical perspective. Of course, I wouldn't think about doing this sort of thing on my own, but it strikes me that there are people out on the web who could do this sort of thing - Red Wombat is well-versed in legal theory, LWC could obviously do a lot with criminological/crime issues and Phil would be the obvious choice as regards anti-terrorism etc.

Of course this is probably going to go nowhere, but could perhaps be an example of some of the interesting stuff blogs can produce.

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