Thursday, November 03, 2005


Tony is pulling a strop it seems:
But Mr Blair insisted that his flagship terror bill must go through intact, and challenged Labour rebels to consult their constituency parties and voters this weekend to see if there was public support for the measure.
Fat chance.

Though one hopes my favourite topic will also be addressed:

The biggest shock to the government came when an amendment tabled by leftwing Labour backbencher and QC, Bob Marshall Andrews, making it clear that people had to show that they intend to induce and encourage terrorism before they could be prosecuted was defeated by one vote. He warned that both he and Cherie Booth could have been arrested under the bill, and quoted the prime minister's wife as saying: "In view of the illegal occupation of Palestinian land, I can well understand how decent young Palestinians become terrorists."

Mr Marshall-Andrews said: "There is no defence, there is no proviso which is placed in the act which would enable Cherie Booth QC, if the director chose to prosecute her, to defend herself."

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